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This is the official website to the UC Davis Spectra Chapter! Our organization is dedicated to providing a voice and community for all who feel marginalized within mathematics, as well as academia as a whole. We affirm the following:

As an institutional member of Spectra, we pledge to support and encourage LGBTQ+ individuals in mathematics, by working to create an inclusive and affirming environment that supports the well-being and professional development of LGBTQ+ mathematicians. We join the work creating a time when LGBTQ+ mathematicians are able to bring their whole selves to the mathematical community.

Our Next Event

Stay tuned for our next event!

How to Get Involved

We welcome all interested UC Davis mathematics students and faculty to attend our events.

If you are interested in joining the Spectra chapter at UC Davis, we ask you fill out this form with your name, your position (undergrad, graduate, postdoc, faculty), and your department, whichever is relevant to you.

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